Otro Elements Expeditions

Again Bisonte made an effort to support the Otro Element expeditions in 2015. The idea was to invest in material with which it would become easier for the teams to stay and cook more autonomously in the mountains. So we purchased A ‘Dutch Oven’ to prepare food for groups up to 15 people and two professional “fire brigade racks” to carry up all the material and food needed for the expedition. Moreover, Otro Elements leader Raymond had invited Sjef to participate as coach/trainer at both the Father-Son and the Men’s Expedition which he did with great pleasure.


Also we have again prepared and coated our incomparable TIPI tent. Needless to say that Marie-José did not let this fantastic opportunity pass to paint a beautiful Bison on the canvas.


Also we helped to put up the TIPI tent for the youngster’s expedition in july. For more information on the upcoming expeditions please check