Ritiro Francesco 2015

For the third time already our group of friends came together for this traditional retreat around the anniversary (October 4) of Saint Francis. For the fans we started every day with a refreshing swim in the lake and between the many conversations we walked a lot around the park and enjoyed the surrounding area. As a theme we had this time “Spinoza and the Tao” and what those two have to do with each other and with St. Francis, but especially also with us.


Special was that Jan and Roswitha in this regard shared with us their years of experience in refugee work and explained the daily practice of refugee centers in the Netherlands. It affects us all and it encourages reflection. Just using our hands helps us to reflect, so we further prepared the tepee and decorated it for the arrival of the Dushi House children. As a reward we enjoyed together the unsurpassed lentil soup around the fire in the tent. And of course also this time the “life” music was not missing, nor the homemade apple pie.