A search for Saint Francis of Assisi

With emotion and gratitude we look back at the Bisonte Ritiro Saint Francis, 2013. This Ritiro was an initiative of Bisonteur Educateur Ruud. He was inspired by the book by Helene Nolthenius “A man from the valley of Spoleto”. Listen to Ruud who reads from the book: Een man uit het dal van Spoleto’

Seven people traveled from the Netherlands to Lago d’Orta, where they were warmly hosted and guided by Bisonteurs Marie-José and Sjef. Four days around the anniversary (October 3, 1226), and the saints day (October 4) of Saint Francis of Assisi.


Our major theme was the question what this saint from the thirteenth century can tell us about the current time. The issues proved highly topical and encouraged reflection on the values ​​and intentions of our daily actions. By enjoying the beauty of the surroundings, with the special place the Sacro Monte of Orta (already six centuries of pilgrimage dedicated to Saint Francis) and the fantastic food. But we also picked up litter and by singing the famous solar song of Saint Francis there arose new inspiration. The first ‘Sasso’ is placed on the way to a sequel.