Feminin Superpowers 11-15 dec 2019

‘This retreat is more than magical! With the healing, the teachings, the experience, the love, the safety, the humor, the warm hearts. I am reborn as a woman and I feel my own superpowers inside myself.’ Karin

‘I feel strength and calmness, Feel the actual meaning of feminin superpower in my lower belly. Feel like a woman within my whole body. I am excited and faithfull about stepping into my power as a woman now!’ Marieke.

‘…It feels strong. New. Ready to shine and spread love and light. It feels great!!! Alive & kicking, ready to share’ Ester.

‘I love myself and I feel the need to live my life’ Diana.

‘I really like to step into the world and show my new me. I feel the power to help other women to heal their wounds and to come into the light. My love is a new love more deeply and honest’ Monica

Rionach Aiken: ‘I feel so blessed to have delivered my first Embody Your Feminine Superpowers retreat with Marie-Jose Roymans-Walhof and a group of amazing women in northern Italy last week. The lake – Lago D’Orta – has such a tranquil energy. We had sunshine and snow. It was a perfect environment for going within. The transformations were profound – it’s still sinking in! For me it was a magical process of letting go more deeply than ever before, trusting the energy to guide us as the 5 days unfolded. I felt so incredibly supported on every level throughout.

We explored how to embody our power as women by deepening our connection, presence, empathy and love. We released old ways of being. We discovered our essence qualities and a beautiful sisterhood support. We also enjoyed dips in the lake, sound travel, poetry dives, meditations, music, and delicious food cooked by Elaine Kense. Wonderfully supported by Sjef Roymans and the Bisonte Foundation.

I’m so looking forward to seeing what unfolds for each of us in 2020 from this powerful new foundation. It’s time!’

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