Embody Your Feminine Superpowers 5-10 may

Together with Rionach Aiken, Marie-José Roymans organizes a retreat for women in Casa Bisonte. The retreat will be held in EnglishThis 6-day transformation intensive is for you if you’re an awakening woman. You don’t just want success, you yearn to realise your destiny. You’ve done a lot of work on yourself, yet still find yourself over-giving, over-doing, hiding out and playing small. 

The good news is, you’re not alone. Many conscious women have created success within a masculine system of power, but feel there’s something missing. To feel fulfilled and on purpose, we need to learn to access a deeper source of power. When you learn to access and embody your natural feminine superpowers, you create a deep connection with yourself, others and your intuition. This foundation enables you to hold a loving space for yourself (and others) through the intense transformations that awakening brings. And to show up fully as who you truly are to make the difference you were born to make. 

This often involves deep work to heal ancient wounds of persecution, silencing, shaming and disempowerment of women. Inside a wise loving field you will be supported to clear any patterns that have blocked your feminine power and becoming all that you can be. In this deep retreat you will be held in a safe, sacred container where you can:

  • go within to transform the personal and collective patterns of the past
  • discover your unique essence qualities
  • explore and embody your feminine superpowers
  • find the clarity and courage to step into the next level of your destiny

As well as transformational sessions, the retreat includes meditation, breathing practices, sound travel, poetry dives, dips in the lake, walks in nature, delicious food, all in the beautiful surroundings of Casa Bisonte on the shores of Lake Orta.

Awakening women are leading the way in creating the future that our world needs. 

What past participants say:

‘More than magical … I am reborn as a woman.’ 

‘I feel the actual meaning of feminine superpower in my belly.’ 

‘I feel the power to help other women to heal their wounds and to come into the light.’

‘Deep level healing sessions which didn’t stop until the real ‘issue’ was reached.’ 

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About Rionach Aiken Rionach went from painfully shy and avoiding the spotlight for years, to a successful CEO leading a team of 100. Now she supports smart, sensitive, mission-driven visionaries to grow their visibility so they can make the difference only they can make. With over 25 years in personal and professional development, her mission is to ignite the voices of soulful visionaries so they can birth new possibilities to create our future.

Using her superpower of clarity, Rionach works on deep levels to transform old energies, fears and beliefs to free up people’s unique expression. She empowers others to access their deepest knowing and take inspired action to create the next level of their destiny. See more at

About Marie-Jose Roymans Marie-Jose’s mission is to spread love. Her superpower is to love people and help them to come to self-love and self-compassion. An experienced coach, trainer and healer, she works with universal energy to guide and facilitate the process of healing and transformation inside a field of unconditional love. 

Marie-Jose is a transformational artist and sound healer. She has a passion for creating beauty in the world and sharing that with others – beautiful art, music, food, home, surroundings as well as beauty of thoughts, feelings, speech, actions. All nourishment for our body and soul.

Marie-José is chairman and founder of the Bisonte foundation together with Sjef.

Are you ready to embody your feminine superpowers and be a leader in this era of change?

The costs are € 950 for participation, accommodation, all meals and transportation to and from the airport. If you are interested in the retreat of 5-10 may, please contact us using the form below or

Marie-José : +31650203560